Production Sound Pavilion


The Production Sound Pavilion—showcasing the technology and work of leading production sound mixers for film and television—is hosted by the Cinema Audio Society. All events and programming take place in the Streisand Scoring Stage.


10:30 a.m. Parade of Carts & Bags
A popular showcase of production sound mixer’ carts, this year we also recognize those who work more in a more portable fashion from their production bags. See the latest innovations in production sound equipment handling as professionals display, with pride, their signature sound carts and sound bags.
Moderator: Chris Howland


2:30 p.m.: RF Coordination in a Shrinking Spectrum
Frequency Coordinators from three of the busiest lots in Los Angeles discuss their jobs and the future challenges of using wireless microphone as RF spectrum gets smaller and more crowded.
Phil Palmer, Moderator
Panelists: Tim Holly, CBS; Ara Mikharian, Warner Bros.; Adam Imada, Sony