Full Name
Brent Marchenski
MasterChef Canada
Brent Marchenski is a 36-year film and television audio/video veteran, beginning his career in Toronto and then moving to Vancouver to work with Shari Lewis on her Emmy award-winning Kid's show "Lamb Chops Play Along". In 2012 Brent moved back to Toronto and holds residency in both cities now. While in Vancouver, Brent joined the Brother and Sisterhood of IATSE as a Sound Mixer in Local 891. Starting as an A1, Brent worked on Variety Shows, Sit Coms, and Sports (NBL, NFL) Productions before moving into a Technical Producer/Technical Director role. Brent and his Team specialize in large multi-cam productions that incorporate a comprehensive video and audio/communications set up. Brent and his Team have worked on such shows as Canada's Next Top Model, MasterChef Canada, The Great Canadian Bake Off, and Bachelor Canada.
Brent Marchenski