Full Name
Scott Gershin
Job Title
Creative Director/Supervising Sound Designer and Mixer
The Sound Lab, a Keywords Studios
Scott is an award-winning sound designer who has been active in the film, streaming and gaming community for more than two decades. With films and TV shows such as Mrs. America, The Strain, Pacific Rim, Hellboy 2, Chronicles of Riddick, Team America, Shrek, Star Trek and American Beauty, as well as major games such as the Gears of War series, Epic Mickey, and the Resident Evil and Fable series, he has garnered an impressive number of awards and nominations: 12 MPSE Golden Reel Awards, numerous GANG and TEC Awards, and BAFTA nominations. Scott has also lent his talents to numerous projects that have won both DICE awards and Oscars. His talent for creating personalities with his voice has been tapped for such memorable movie characters as Flubber, Disney’s Herbie, Reapers in Blade II, the dragon in Shrek, and Kirchek in Tarzan. Scott’s credits can be viewed on imdb.com
Scott Gershin