Full Name
Maurice Patist
Job Title
An engineer by trade, Maurice Patist has been working for the Professional Monitor Company (PMC) for 19 years, the last 10 years as President of PMC USA. During this time Maurice has been involved with many renowned composers, recording and mixing engineers, designing monitoring systems specific to their needs while at the same time enjoying their incredible creative skills. Never losing his passion for music and engineering, Maurice was a technology partner for Dolby and Universal Music in the successful launch of Dolby Atmos Music, but also produced and engineered last year the Dolby Atmos remix of Miles Davis’ definitive Jazz Album “Kind of Blue” as well as “Sketches of Spain” with friends Steve Genewick and David Rideau. Most recently Maurice produced the Dolby Atmos Music mixes for Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band Album “The Gordian Knot” mixed by Tommy Vicari and Steve Genewick.
Maurice Patist