Full Name
Odin Benitez
Job Title
Supervising Sound Editor/Sound Designer
Formosa Group
“I love to aid the filmmaker’s storytelling by use of the second sense: the ears. Sound is a major tool to get your audience to willfully suspend their disbelief. To do this, I like to make the audience believe that they are actually there, enveloping them in sound and vibration. I also love to design sounds that can heighten the reality of the story with powerful, comic, or other-worldly elements which can dynamically help the filmmaker guide the audience emotionally.” Odin Benitez is a graduate of the Film Production program at California State University Northridge. Benitez began his career as a film production mixer and then immediately moved into post-production audio. He has spent more than thirty years in the motion picture industry, working both in the film and digital mediums of sound. He witnessed the audio transition from film to digital in the industry and contributed to its development. While still retaining his film sensibilities, Benitez enjoys pushing the boundaries in the revolutionary and exciting world of digital sound. Having spent his entire career as a field recordist as well, he enjoys looking for the next opportunity to capture a unique and novel sound.
Odin Benitez