Full Name
Thor Legvold
Job Title
Mastering engineer

Thor Legvold holds a Psy.D. from the University of Bergen, Norway, and has a long-standing curiosity surrounding our auditory perception and passion for the importance of audio quality on our relationship with music. He established Sonovo Mastering in 2003 to deliver high quality audio for music, film, and television; and to mentor and guide female audio engineers into the industry.  Sonovo and Thor work primarily in music mastering, and later expanded into multichannel music production, sound for picture, and post-production.  He has been a champion of surround and immersive music formats since 2006, working with a number of clients as well as his own music productions incorporating immersive audio formats including Auro-3D, Sony 360RA and Dolby Atmos.  Thor serves as a member of the AES LA ExCom, is a voting Grammy member and recently published a chapter in Mastering in Music (Focal Press, 2020) about surround and immersive formats, co-authored with Darcy Proper.

Thor Legvold