Be part of the first virtual festival dedicated to sound in the Film & Television industry during awards season!

Welcome to the debut of Mix Presents Sound for Film & TV: Awards Season, a virtual event, taking place over one day, honoring the year’s best creative talent in film and television sound.

While the global pandemic has affected media distribution, schedules and attendance, it has not affected the quality of the sound work, and that work deserves to be recognized.


As a companion to the annual Mix Sound for Film and Television event held each September at Sony Pictures Studios, our brand new event will honor those studios, facilities and teams that created soundtracks worthy of Best Sound at the 2021 Oscars.



 You’ll be able to watch the incredible sound work by leading composers, sound engineers, editors and creative talent in our Auditorium, all vying for this Year’s Best Sound Awards.


Independent and facility-based sound editors, mixers and technologists, working with dialog, effects and music.
Chief engineers, system integrators and the leading developers in workflow and product development.
The leading manufacturers in sound for picture technology from leading major and independent Hollywood studios.

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