Full Name
Mark Mangini
Job Title
Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer and Re-Recording mixer
Formosa Group

Mark Mangini is a two-time Oscar winning (Dune, Mad Max Fury Road) and six time Oscar nominated Sound Designer known for films including Dune, Blade Runner 2049, Star Trek IV & IV, The Fifth Element, Gremlins and the recent Oscar-contending documentary Good Night Oppy, for Ryan White. He has spent his 46 year career in Hollywood imagining and composing altered sonic realities for motion pictures. He is a frequent lecturer, an outspoken proponent for sound as art and a guitarist/songwriter with compositions in sex, lies and videotape, Star Trek IV, Picard. and others. He is a member of S.A.G, SMPTE, and ASCAP.

“Having grown up a musician, I am avowed of the idea that all organized sound is music. I see my work in movies every bit a composition as those of Beethoven and the Beatles. I just happen to use dissonance, specious melodic content and arrhythmia to its fullest advantage. My works are no less considered, designed, creative or manipulative. They just aren’t hummable.”

A Boston native, Mark attended Holy Cross College as a foreign language major but could not ignore his love of film and filmmaking. He moved to Los Angeles in 1976 and landed his first job in the entertainment industry in the sound department of Hanna Barbera Studios making funny noises for children’s cartoons at the age of 19. “My ears, having been keenly trained by years of language study and playing guitar, suited me well for a career of critical listening and creating unimagined aural worlds and fabricating sonic realities for motion pictures.”

Mark founded and ran Weddington Productions, a successful Hollywood post-production sound company, for 25 years. Today he works at Formosa Group in Hollywood, California continuing his work as a Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer and Re-recording mixer.

Mark Mangini