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Mary Beth Franklin, CFP®
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Contributing Author
Investment News

A former senior editor for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine, Mary Beth Franklin is the author of several popular books and presentations, including The Broken Three Legged Stool. In this presentation, Franklin discusses the demise of pensions as a traditional element of retirement income and the need to include all sorts of assets beyond retirement accounts (such as home equity and continued employment) when creating a retirement income plan.

Her most recent book, How to Maximize Social Security Now, offers new claiming strategies authorized by the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015. An updated 2022 edition will be available soon.

In addition to her work with Kiplinger, she is currently a contributing editor for InvestmentNews and was previously a syndicated columnist for Maturity News Service/Third Age Media.

Check out Mary Beth's book here: 
Maximizing Social Security Retirement Benefits


Mary Beth Franklin, CFP®