The Experience

Mix Presents Sound for Film & Television 2020

For the first time, the Sound for Film & Television event is going virtual for the seventh year. The event takes place over two days, where attendees will experience a two day exhibition and conference spotlighting the technologies and techniques behind sound for picture, from production to playback.
This fully immersive experience will feature live demos, networking with industry leaders, and expert panel discussions featuring the industry’s top sound editors and re-recording mixers. Mix Presents Sound for Film & Television brings Creatives, Technologists and Manufacturers together to mingle and share knowledge about all aspects of the industry.
The market is poised for a huge fall growth spurt following the postponement of many productions during the COVID-19 pandemic stay-at-home orders. Already, industry watchers are pointing to a huge injection of production and post-production projects out of Hollywood for film, television and streaming services, noting that the high demand for new and efficient technologies and sound services will be accompanied by re-hiring throughout the industry.


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2019 Highlights: 8-Time Academy Award Nominated Sound Designer

Sound Designer
"We are absolutely thrilled to have Wylie Stateman opening our event at Sony this year,” says Tom Kenny, editor of Mix. “Besides being one of the industry’s top sound designers, supervising sound editors and mixers of the past 40 years, he co-founded Soundelux, one of the most influential sound design and sound technology companies in film sound history. And on a personal level, he was my first big  interview as a Mix editor, on The Doors movie back in 1991. He’s genius. And I know he’ll have a lot to say about the state of today’s industry.”
- Tom Kenny, Editor of Mix

Who Attends

Independent and facility-based sound editors, mixers and technologists, working with dialog, effects and music from:
Chief engineers, system integrators and the leading developers in workflow and product development from companies such as:
The leading manufacturers in sound for picture technology from leading major and independent Hollywood studios, including: