Align Your Brand with Mix Sound for Film 2020

The biggest problem facing professionals in Sound for Film  & Television is not new. And it’s not really a problem, as  much as a challenge: Budgets are down and demand is up.
Outside of mega-blockbuster productions, budgets in audio post have been shrinking for a decade, whether in  film or television. Smaller crews and shorter schedules have become the norm. But the demand for quality sound,  delivered in multiple formats for multiple outlets—film,  television, streaming, gaming, VR, special events; in stereo,  5.1, 7.1, 9.1.4 and full-blown immersive—keeps growing.
How do professional editors, recording engineers,  composers, re-recording engineers, chief engineers,  educators, post executives and facility owners adapt to  emerging markets and an ever-changing business model?  How do they keep up with the creative demands?
Efficiency is the answer. Creatives have to be efficient in  their workflows and their schedules to deliver quality sound  on time, and facilities have to modify rooms and schedules  to help the creative do what they do best: Create sound.
Improvements in workflow, from content production through to distribution, can make the difference in both the quality of a particular soundtrack and the arc of a sound designer’s career. If there is time to be creative, everybody wins.
So how can efficiencies be improved? With technology.
With techniques.
That’s the focus of Mix Presents Sound for Film & Television,  where we bring together the manufacturers who develop  cutting-edge technologies and the creatives who develop  the techniques that bring them to life. All for the audience.
  • Opportunities to SHOWCASE your products and services to top sound for film andt tv professionals
  • QUALIFIED LEAD GENERATION to drive new business results
  • Branding opportunities to OPTIMIZE EXPOSURE for your company, products and services
  • Cost-efficient NETWORKING platform to meet the key players, interact with customers and build influential new contacts
  • Opportunity to SEE what others in the industry are doing - and how to stay ahead of them
Janis Crowley