Sound Technology: The Versatile, Mid-Sized, Multipurpose Mix Room
Date & Time
Saturday, September 24, 2022, 4:30 PM - 5:15 PM
Bruce Black Lane Burch Tom Davis Peter Grueneisen

Sound Technology: The Versatile, Mid-Sized, Multipurpose Mix Room

Nothing beats hearing playback of an immersive mix in a theatrical-sized re-recording stage, like those here at Sony. But with the accelerated demand from streaming services and the early realization that immersive audio translates well both up (into larger environments) and down (into the home environment), fewer and fewer will be built. It’s the mid-sized, versatile immersive studio—one that is able to handle sound design, editorial, premixing, TV mixing, documentaries, and even big feature films—that is taking over the audio post-production community. Here, studio designers, chief engineers and facility owners discuss the acoustic challenges and the built-in sonic versatility of recent projects, with an emphasis on controlling the low end.

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Burt Lancaster Theater
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Sony Pictures Studios
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