Your 2019 Sponsorship Marketing Tools

A collection of marketing tools is now available for you to start promoting your presence at this year’s Mix Sound for Film & TV event. If you would like any help or would like to discuss your marketing campaign and how to make the most of the below please contact Danielle Blanchette | 646-877-9642
We have various different sized banners, animated and static, for you to add to your website, company newsletters and email signatures.
Customizable PDF Invite
We have an editable pdf invite which you can send out to your customers to invite them to see you at the event the show.
Social Media
Do you have Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social media accounts? You can add the social banners and ticket links to all these to let your friends and followers know you’re at the show!
When pushing out content for the event, you can use the general URL or any of these targeted links below:
Program Content: (brings visitors to page 1 of the program)