Webcast: The Evolution of Post-Production: Unified Sound and Picture

Date: Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Time: 11:00 AM Pacific Time 

Duration: 1 hour

Since the advent of recording, which led to the emergence of post-production, sound and picture have been treated largely as separate disciplines. Put simply, once the picture editor is finished and the project is “locked,” then the sound department takes over and adds effects, music and dialog to complete the project.

That is changing. Thanks to technology advancements and procedural changes brought on by the global pandemic, creatives are beginning to see the advantages and efficiencies of a unified workflow, one where the picture is never technically locked, and sound and picture editorial can be handled by the same individual. Walter Murch, the esteemed Oscar-winning film editor and sound designer, said it clearly in his Keynote speech at the 2020 edition of Mix Presents Sound for Film & Television: The disciplines are coming together.


In this special Mix presentation, we take a bird’s-eye view of the changing nature of post-production, bringing together film editorial, sound editorial, post-production supervision and leading technologists to discuss the near future. You will learn about:

The process Then vs. the process Now

New audio post-production technologies

Remote production and changing workflows

Efficiencies in editing

Creative possibilities for sound, early in the process

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

You'll gain access to some of the most iconic sound editors and inspirational leaders from the sound for film and television community, and hear first-hand how production is evolving to accomodate a new style of work while maintaining quality and efficiencies. 


Billy Fox
Billy Fox
Fox PPS, Inc.
Durin Gleaves
Durin Gleaves
Adobe, Inc.
Product Manager, Adobe
Tom Kenny
Tom Kenny
Wylie Stateman
Wylie Stateman
Sound Designer / Sound Director / Sound Producer