The Technology and Techniques Behind Sound for Picture

Mix Magazine presents the eighth annual Sound for Film & Television, a full-day, online event spotlighting the talent and technology that drives the high end of audio post-production. On September 24, Mix and Host Partner Sony Pictures Studios draw back the curtain in the virtual Cary Grant Theatre, where attendees will experience a technology exhibition and a series of expert panel presentations from some of the top sound editors, re-recording mixers, composers, chief engineers and manufacturers in the industry. 

Hollywood has not been sitting idle these past 18 months. While the Covid-19 pandemic has caused extreme, ongoing disruption across all industries, there was no lack of new content to feed the streaming services and satisfy audiences around the world.during the shutdown. For that, we can thank the production and post-production professionals who were sent home and forced to look at their technologies, modify  their workflows and still deliver stellar tracks—on budget and on time, most often collaborating from remote locations.

At Mix Sound for Film & Television we explore how those processes have changed (spoiler alert: many of the changes are here to stay), and we take a look at what’s in store for 2022.

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Independent and facility-based sound editors, mixers and technologists, working with dialog, effects and music.
Chief engineers, system integrators and the leading developers in workflow and product development.
The leading manufacturers in sound for picture technology from leading major and independent Hollywood studios.